The story of the Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy is a magical creature who collects children’s lost baby teeth at night while they sleep. The legend of the Tooth Fairy started to spread in America in connection with the modern living culture – in the old days, people used to throw their lost teeth on the furnace, but in new houses without furnaces it was no longer possible. The following questions and answers will help parents explain their children the legend of the Tooth Fairy.



Where does the Tooth Fairy live?
High in the sky above clouds in the Tooth Fairy Land, which you cannot see from the Earth.

What does the Tooth Fairy look like?
The Tooth Fairy is an average-height woman with a very delicate skin and beautiful long hair. She has sparkling white teeth and a charming smile. Sometimes, but not always, she wears wings. If you close your eyes, you can imagine what the Tooth Fairy looks like – she will definitely smile at you kindly.

Can I get a photo of the Tooth Fairy?
Unfortunately, no one has managed to photograph her, because nothing but an empty spot remains in the photo. However, she has been drawn a lot and you can draw a picture of her, too.

Does the Tooth Fairy really exist?
Of course, she does. Every night, the Tooth Fairy visits thousands of children and collects their teeth – all these children believe in her. Their parents are also surprised if the tooth has disappeared by the morning and a little gift has been left in return.

How does the Tooth Fairy know where I live?
She has little helpers who look up each child’s address from wise magical books.

How does the Tooth Fairy travel from one child to another?
The Tooth Fairy can fly, of course. Sometimes, when she flies, she leaves behind a glowing stripe in the nocturnal sky, which the grownups mistake for falling stars. Most children are sound asleep by that time.

How does the Tooth Fairy get in through the window?
Magic and supernatural powers are a part of the Tooth Fairy’s life – she can freely move through window glass, but she can only do that when you are asleep.

Where did the Tooth Fairy get her magical powers?
She was born with these powers. Her little wand is also very important to her, as she is unable to do almost any magic without it.

How does the Tooth Fairy know that a child has lost a tooth?
When a child loses a tooth, a little bell starts to ring in the Tooth Fairy Land, letting the Tooth Fairy know of a lost tooth. As someone is always losing a tooth somewhere in the world, the bell never stops ringing. That is why the helpers of the Tooth Fairy are constantly on watch and look it up from the map who has lost a tooth, and prepare a list of children whom the Tooth Fairy must visit during the night.

How does the Tooth Fairy know that I am sleeping and not only pretending to be asleep?
It is very easy and a part of the magical powers of the Tooth Fairy. But she can also tell that children are asleep when they are breathing deeply and dreaming. If the Tooth Fairy doubts whether you are asleep or not, she simply waits a while.

Does the Tooth Fairy also have a family?
She has a very big family – everyone who help her in her work. They all care about each other and you are very important to them as well.

Can I also become a Tooth Fairy when I grow up?
When you grow up, you can become a Tooth Fairy as well as her helper. For that, you have to take good care of your teeth, and be kind and polite to others. For the time being, however, you can just enjoy being a child, finding new friends, going to school and playing.

Does the Tooth Fairy know Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny?
The Tooth Fairy has met them, but as they all have important magical things to do, they do not have very much time to get together. Sometimes, however, they do meet and discuss which children have been especially good.

What does the Tooth Fairy do with the teeth she has collected from children?
All teeth are washed and polished very carefully until they become glossy white. Then, the helpers of the Tooth Fairy place all teeth into special little boxes. The collected teeth are used to build almost everything in the Tooth Fairy Land. Sometimes, these teeth shine so bright that they can be seen as stars in the nocturnal sky and, if you wish, you can give all of them names.

Will the Tooth Fairy also come to me if I have lost my tooth and cannot find it?
Of course, she will. Sometimes, children swallow the tooth in their sleep or lose it somewhere while playing. As soon as you lose a tooth, the Tooth Fairy will know about it. She usually sends one of her helpers to look for the missing tooth. Often, children write on a little piece of paper that they have lost their tooth and leave it under their pillow. That paper will do as well to have the Tooth Fairy visit the child at night.

When did the Tooth Fairy start collecting teeth?
The Tooth Fairy’s mother started to collect children’s teeth a long-long time ago, even before your mom and dad were little. The exact year is not known, but, back then, children did not sleep on soft pillows as you do. They often had to settle for nothing but hay and dry leaves.

Where does the Tooth Fairy get all the money she distributes to children?
The Tooth Fairy is helped by many kind grownups who secretly send her money. When you grow up, you can also be so kind and donate the Tooth Fairy some money, which she can distribute to children.

Can the Tooth Fairy also bring something else instead of money?
She mostly brings money, because she believes that children are smart enough to save it up for the things they desire the most. Sometimes, she also brings little toys or sweets. Once, she even brought one child a puppy, but she will probably not do that again, since it is very difficult to fly with a little puppy under her arm.

Why didn’t the Tooth Fairy take away my tooth last night?
Even though the Tooth Fairy can fly really fast, she does not always make it to all children in just one night, because, at some places, she has to wait for the child to fall asleep. Sometimes, she is held back by bad weather. If the Tooth Fairy does not reach you during the first night, she will come some other night – as long as you leave your tooth somewhere where she can see it and do not lose hope.

What is the Tooth Fairy’s favourite food?
She likes many kinds of food as long as it is healthy – she is particularly fond of fruit and vegetables. Next time, you can leave a carrot or an apple by your bedside for the Tooth Fairy.

What is the Tooth Fairy’s real name?
The Tooth Fairy does not have a real name as children do, but children have given her many nicknames (Flossy, Maria, Vicki, Carley, Katie, Marcus, Roberta, Julia, Hammond, Keith, Kathy, Melissa, Mabel, Winky, Samantha, etc.). You can also make up a name for the Tooth Fairy.

How many teeth are collected in one day?
Every night, the Tooth Fairy collects about three hundred thousand teeth that children have lost.

Is there only one Tooth Fairy or are there several of them?
There is only one Tooth Fairy, who collects people’s teeth. Sometimes, people mistake the Tooth Fairy’s helpers for her, which causes some confusion.

When will I start to lose my baby teeth?
It may come as a surprise to you when your tooth becomes loose and lost, but everybody likes that surprise. It is not possible to say when exactly children will start to lose their baby teeth. Some children lose their first teeth at the age of three, others at the age of seven. On the average, children start to lose their baby teeth when they are five to six years old.

Does it hurt to lose a tooth?
It does not have to hurt when the tooth is ready to come out and is pulled out correctly. In that case, you will only feel a slight pinch and the joy over the lost tooth will make the fear go away instantly. Sometimes, the farthest teeth are a bit more stubborn – even if new teeth are already growing under them. In that case, you have to visit a dentist who will pull the tooth out quickly and without any pain whatsoever. Dentists are your friends, so do not be afraid of them. When the tooth is being pulled out, you have to stand still, or else the dentist cannot grab the tooth well.

How could I get rid of my loose tooth?
There are many ways to get rid of a tooth. Some children have their mom or dad tie a strong thread around their tooth. The other end of the thread is tied to a door handle. Then, someone pushes the door open and the thread pulls out the tooth – for that to work, the thread must be very tight around the tooth. That is the quickest way to lose a tooth. Other children bite an apple and the apple twists the loose tooth out of the mouth. Of course, you can also move your tooth back and forth and twist it in all directions, but this will probably hurt and take too long. When pulling out a tooth, you should hold a paper napkin between your fingers to prevent the tooth from slipping away. Once the tooth is out, the wound may bleed a little – rinse your mouth a few times with cold water and it will stop bleeding. Do not be afraid of that blood, because it is bad blood and must come out.

Be patient – the tooth will only come out when it is the right time, because it is pushed by a permanent tooth growing underneath it.

Can I keep my lost tooth?
If you really want to do that, please leave the Tooth Fairy a written note, so she does not take your tooth along with her. You will still get a surprise for your tooth. The Tooth Fairy Land needs many teeth and if all children kept their teeth to themselves, the Tooth Fairy Land would fall apart and disappear altogether.

How old is the Tooth Fairy?
Even though she looks very young and is sometimes mistaken for a child, she is actually very-very-very old. She is so old that she cannot even remember her age anymore, but she remembers her birthday, which is on January 1st.

Do animals also lose their teeth and does the Tooth Fairy collect their teeth?
Many animals do change their teeth as they grow older, but the Animal Tooth Fairy collects their teeth. And believe it or not – she also leaves a little treat for the animal.

How can the Tooth Fairy take away the tooth from under my pillow without waking me up?
Due to her magical powers, she does not have to lift the pillow, but the tooth crawls out from under the pillow by itself. Nevertheless, it is better to leave the tooth somewhere where she can see it. That way, the Tooth Fairy can save her magical powers and fly faster.


P.S. The Tooth Fairy celebrates her name day on February 9th, which is called the Bone Pain Day in the Estonian folk calendar.


It used to be a holiday when people were not allowed to work or burden their bones or joints – those who ignored this ban suffered from joint pain for the whole year to come. You should refrain from dancing, running and heavy physical work on the Bone Pain Day. The saint of this day, Apollonia, is the patron of dentistry.

Apollonia was from Alexandria, Egypt. She supported the Christians and died as a martyr in 249 at an older age. She threw herself into flames after she had been tortured in every imaginable way, her torture including having all her teeth pulled out. She can be seen on the high altar of St. Nicholas’ Church together with other early Christian virgin martyrs.

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