Prosthesis care

You must take care of your dental prosthesis (denture) every day!

If your prosthesis is clean and fresh, you will also feel good.

For that, we recommend the following…

Wash your prosthesis twice a day (in the morning and evening) using a toothbrush. Remove the prosthesis from your mouth to wash it. You must wash the whole prosthesis.

Use a special prosthesis cleaning solution (ask your dentist or the pharmacist for that solution) or liquid soap/dishwashing liquid (such as Safo), if you are not allergic to dishwashing liquid.

Tooth laboratories do not recommend using toothpaste to clean your prosthesis (as its surface could lose its high gloss finish or become coarse).

Soak your prosthesis in a disinfecting solution for 15 minutes every day (sold at our dental clinics and pharmacies). It eliminates microbes and fungal spores remaining on the surface of the prosthesis after brushing. The disinfecting solution prevents pigmentation and scaling, and gives the prosthesis a high gloss finish. You may leave your prosthesis in the solution for the whole night. Before placing it back into your mouth, rinse it under running water. Do not use a ready-made solution after 48 hours.

Do not attempt to adjust your prosthesis yourself – only a dentist/dental technologist may do that.

Do not glue a broken prosthesis yourself. This could damage its precision, which is why you will probably have to order a new prosthesis, as it can no longer be repaired.

If you feel that your prosthesis is uncomfortable or unstable, contact your dentist immediately.

Do not forget to wash your mouth and teeth as well!

Visit your dentist at least once a year.