Price list

First visit 15.-
Consultation 15.-
Injected anaesthesia 7.-
Intraoral x-ray 7.-
Panoramic x-ray 15.-
Installation of a tooth decoration 25.-
Microscopic dental treatment, 30min 40.-
Failure to appear at an appointment 15.-
Whitening of one tooth in the treatment room 20.-
Endo whitening of one tooth 30.-
Whitening of one row of teeth 85.-
Whitening of both rows of teeth 150.-
Whitening tray for use at home 85.-
Whitening gel (4 x 1\.2ml) for use at home 65.-
Whitening gel (1 x 1\.2ml) for use at home 18.-
Prophylactic treatment, 30min 30.-
Pearl wash with AirFlow method (the whole mouth) 65.-
Pearl wash with AirFlow method (one row of teeth) 35.-
Tartar removal (one tooth) 5.-
Curettage (one tooth) 7.-
Mineralising treatment (one row of teeth) 35.-
Fibre post + extensive reconstruction of tooth 150.-
Light-cured filling from 35.- to 90.-
Restoration of dental crown (glass ionomer cement) from 22.- to 50.-
Mineralising glass ionomer filling (one capsule) 50.-
Placement of medication and temporary filling 30.-
Opening and expansion of one root canal 35.-
Opening and expansion of each following root canal 20.-
Filling of one root canal from 35.- to 40.-
Filling of each following root canal from 15.- to 25.-
Tooth extraction from 20.- to 50.-
Wisdom tooth extraction 65.-
Complicated wisdom tooth extraction from 75.- to 120.-
First visit, consultation 15.-
Partial laminar prosthesis from 300.- to 330.-
Full prosthesis 350.-
Upper bugel prosthesis 480.-
Lower bugel prosthesis 450.-
Ultrasonic cleaning of prosthesis 15.-
Prosthesis repair (one fracture) 50.-
Each following fracture 20.-
Rebasing 70.-
Adding a tooth/clasp to an acrylic prosthesis (+ price of teeth) 50.-
Adding a tooth/clasp to a metal frame (+ price of teeth) 80.-
Tooth for a laminar prosthesis 18.-
Cementing (one unit) 25.-
Temporary composite crown/plastic crown 30.-
Filling (metal/composite) 130.-
Filling (ceramic) 300.-
Plastic crown/composite crown 110.-
Metal crown (the price of precious metals depends on world market prices) 200.-
Metallic-ceramic crown 275.-
Ceramic crown 330.-
Zirconia crown 450.-
Edelweiss direct veneer 165.-
Full ceramic veneer 300.-
Inlay (composite/metal) 125.-
Onlay (composite/metal) 165.-
 Implant placement 570.-
 Abutment screw 70.-
 Front tooth abutment 480.-
 Premolar abutment 410.-
Molar abutment 335.-
Temporary abutment 100.-
Implant crown (metallic-ceramic) 275.-
 Implant crown (zirconium) 450.-
 Bone plastics 250.-
Bio-Oss 150.-
Bone grinding and expansion 35.-
Membrane 200.-
Surgical tray 70.-
Full prosthesis with implant attachment 650.-
Bone screw 30.-

The complete price list of our services is available at our clinics, so you can acquaint yourself with the prices on the spot. If you need a detailed price quotation, please book an appointment with one of our dentists. We kindly ask you to discuss any concerns as to the final cost of treatment before starting with the treatment. If you wish, we can also issue a treatment plan together with the final cost.
Haldja Hambaravi reserves the right to change its prices.

Outside the waiting list of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, the treatment of baby teeth is subject to a 20% discount and the treatment of permanent teeth is based on the regular price list.

If the patient fails to appear at an appointment repeatedly or cancels the appointment less than 24 hours before the time agreed upon for the appointment, we have the right to charge a double visit fee from the patient at the next appointment (§70(6) of the Health Insurance Act).